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Instructions for a safe museum visit


We at the Toy Museum Hevosenkenkä wish to guarantee that each visitor’s museum visit is as safe as possible. We follow the general guidelines of the Finnish government and the instructions of the Institute of Health and Welfare. Below we have summed up the steps we have taken to increase customer safety in the museum. See also the Exhibition Centre WeeGee general instructions for customers.

Avoid visiting in the case that

– You have even slight respiratory symptoms.
– Someone that lives in the same household is sick.
– Our staff only comes to work in full health.

General safety instructions

 – We require everyone over 15 to use a face mask during the museum visit.  Our staff uses face masks in public areas.
– Wash your hands with soap thoroughly and often. There is a WC next to the Toy Museum
door, where you can wash your hands before and after your visit. 
– Keep a safety distance of at least 2 meters to other museum visitors and the staff.
– Do make use of the hand sanitizers in the museum.
– Do follow the general hygiene instructions.
– Cough right – either in your elbow or in a one use napkin which you can throw away
– We have removed most of the playable and touchable objects from the Toy Museum. The
toys and play areas that are in use are wiped several times a day.
– We might be forced to restrict the visitor numbers should the 2 meter safety distance
become impossible to keep.

Cleaning at the museum

– We follow the Institute of Occupational Health COVID-19 cleaning instructions.
–  The touchable play equipment and play areas are wiped several times a day.

Exceptions in our services and public programme

– The group sizes are restricted in order to allow for safety distancing: tours 10 pers., workshops and birthdays 8 pers. + group leaders or the children’s adults.
– The workshops and birthdays follow strict hand hygiene. The participants have each their
own equipment and the leader gives out the material with gloves on. Every second seat has
been removed. Single use gloves are offered to the participants. The workshop space is
wiped often.
– We follow distancing on the tours. The seating pillows are not in use.

Other safety instructions

– You can avoid contact with the ticket personnel by buying your ticket beforehand from
– Should any questions arise during your visit or if you would wish to give feedback on our
safety precautions, do be in contact with our customer service personnel. 

These instructions were written by the Toy Museum Hevosenkenkä based on the Espoo Event and Culture Services instructions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]