About us

The Toy Museum Hevosenkenkä is now Leikki – the Museum of Play! The name change represents the shift in perspective that occurred during the comprehensive renovation project that the museum underwent. As we go forward the museum and it’s exhibits will not only focus on presenting toys, but also on the exploratory voyages of play and on defending play.

The museum Leikki is a specialised museum that focuses on toys, play and the history of childhood. The completely renewed main exhibit of the museum Leikki highlights phenomena familiar from childhood, such as play during recess, celebrations, and fandom through stories, objects, photos – and of course play. 

The new family friendly museum Leikki opens to the public in new premises in Tapiola at the address Ahertajantie 3 in the late spring of 2022. The office and collections of the museum moved in the beginning of November.

The museum’s renewal is supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation through the considerable Museum Vision grant.

The museum Leikki is owned by Theater Hevosenkenkä  Association. The museum Leikki, together with Theater Hevosenkenkä and the art therapy house Tusculum Hevosenkenkä constitute a unique concentration of children’s culture. The Theater and Tusculum Hevosenkenkä are situated in Mankkaa, ca. 4 kilometers from the museum Leikki.

The history of the museum Leikki

The idea for a toy and play museum first emerged in 1984, when the children’s charity Children’s Day Foundation launched a toy collection to form the basis for the new toy museum. The Foundation wanted to promote children’s culture by setting up the Linnanmäki amusement park as a place for the whole family to enjoy, bringing different generations together. The Linnanmäki Toy and Play Museum was opened in April 1996.

In 2006, the toy museum moved into the WeeGee Exhibition Centre in Tapiola, Espoo, where the museum was run by the Children’s Day Foundation. In 2010, the association of friends of the Hevosenkenkä children’s theatre took the museum under its wings. The museum and theatre now form a unique partnership both in Finland and on a worldwide scale. 

Strategic guidelines

The operational concept of Hevosenkenkä is to provide pervasive experiences for children and adults, cause insights and experiences, encourage creativity and cultivate children’s culture.

The vision of Hevosenkenkä is to be known for producing culture of quality and diversity for all children and families. Hevosenkenkä has strong bonds with Espoo, but operates also widely in Finland and internationally.

The values that direct all activity at Hevosenkenkä are child orientation, tolerance, high quality, creative bravery, warmth and cordiality combined with joy and humor.

Hevosenkenkä is a home of fairytales and a laboratory of play


Museo Leikkiä rakennetaan parhaillaan. Museo avautuu keväällä 2022.
Leikki – Lekmuseet byggs som bäst. Museet öppnas på våren 2022.
Leikki – The Museum of Play is presently being built.
The museum will open in the spring of 2022.