Löylymäki station

Löylymäki is a model railway built by the Finnish model railway club Pienoisrautatiekerho. The miniature railway has travelled around Europe and has been admired at various events and fairs. Löylymäki is a fictional village somewhere in Eastern Finland. Set in the late 1950s, the scene is a beautiful summer day, and the railway station is at the heart of the village. At the station, you can see steam and diesel engines and self-propelled carriages, colloquially known as “flat hats” in Finland. Work, leisure, sports, sauna and even some shady business under the cover of the trees are all part of the busy life in the rural Löylymäki.

All the buildings in the village are modelled on real Finnish buildings. The trackside scenery is also typical of the Finnish countryside. This creates an incredibly realistic model of a typical centre and station of a Finnish village.

Löylymäki was built by Pienoisrautatiekerho. http://www.pienoisrautatiekerho.fi/

Leikki – The Museum of Play is presently being built. The museum will open in the spring of 2022.