Temporary exhibition: Screen Play

Digitaalisista peleistä tehtyjä leluja.

Temporary exhibition: Screen Play (13.5.2022 – 3.3.2024) This functional exhibition explores the intersections between digital games and play. Can gaming be seen as digital play? And is creating playful social media content a game in itself? The exhibition highlights trends in play and games, and provides a conversation for players and their parents. You can […]

Laboratory of Play

Eri aikaisia lsten hittileluja ja ajanviettotapoja.

Laboratory of Play The museum Leikki’s main exhibition, Laboratory of Play, advocates play! The main exhibition takes you on a journey to childhood phenomena. Play at an olde worlde toy shop, let a teddy bear console you, visit an enchanted forest or take a peek at collections of various fans. The toys loved by Finns […]